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the curriculum

photo, Janice Levy

overview and vision:


a picture is worth... was designed to provide a standards based, creative and dynamic high school curriculum that sits well within Language Arts programming.


a picture is worth... provides youth with the opportunity to find their voice, surface their values and connect with others in creative and affirming ways. The project integrates academic skills such as literacy, the development of critical thinking, communications, community engagement, photography and technology with values of integrity, self-awareness, empathy and leadership.

a picture is worth... uses writing, audio stories and photography to create powerful interactive narratives. The curriculum offers a framework  that engages students in crafting meaningful stories about their lives. 


The APIW curriculum is aligned with Common Core Literacy Standards for high school students. It is designed to support real-world knowledge and skills that will help young people to succeed in school, work and life. By incorporating creativity and personal stories with academic standards, APIW helps young learners become more engaged and therefore successful in achieving individual and scholastic benchmarks.


For more information about the a picture is worth... curriculum, please join us.

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