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photo, Janice Levy

   My name is Jheyler Alacantra Perez. I was born in Miches Seibo/Dominican Republic, on November 18, 1995. I am an Adventist of Seven Days and grew up in Seibo/Miches, a small town of Santo Domingo, where I would always go to the river with my family and friends because it is so close to my house.

   My family consists of five people: my parents Hector E. Alcantara and Luz Nereida Perez; two brothers, Edwin G. Alcantara, 19 years old, and Emmanuel Alcantara, 14. We all grew up in Miches and they are Adventists of Seven Days like me. My father and mother are the best parents in the world because they are so protective of our family and they want us to be well always.

   We have only separated once in our lives, when my parents came to Pennsylvania and we stayed in Puerto Rico with my grandmother for eight months. We missed our parents a lot, then we came and were reunited again and I felt very happy because I was back with my parents. They are my life. 

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