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   I’ve been dancing since I was little. I have a passion for dance. It’s a way for me to express myself, a stress relief and a way to have fun. I love to dance in front of people on stage. I don’t get nervous, ‘cause I just love the feeling of everyone watching and cheering me on. Their cheering shows they like how I dance and can tell I have a passion for it. It’s not something I do ‘cause I’m good at it, but because it makes me happy and is something I just love doing. 

photo, Janice Levy

   I love to help people learn dances because if I can, I’m more than happy to help. I love helping people out if l can. I don’t care if they look so bad dancing, as long as they’re trying. I don’t mind going over it a million times. But if they can dance and don’t try, then don’t waste my time. That’s when I start to get mad and don’t want to help as much ‘cause they put in no effort.

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